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Heart Sounds

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Heart Sounds

Heart Sounds Made Easy: (with CD-ROM) (Made Easy)
by A. P. Salmon E.M. Brown W. Collis
ASIN / ISBN-10: 0443071411
"This unique book and interactive CD provide an invaluable and constant source of cardiac signs."
- Nick Robinson, Hospital Medicine, November 2002
Book De@@@@@@ion
A practical and simple guide to the art of cardiac auscultation which teaches the reader how to identify a pathological heart murmur. The book explains what heart sounds are and how to use a stethoscope. It covers all the standard adult and child murmurs and is organised by region. It includes all the text of the tutorials. The CD provides, in a series of tutorials, the chance to listen to and identify the range of heart sounds; while in the pathology section a listener can focus down on each individual component of the sound allowing them to discern the key features of each murmur.
Book Info
Southampton General Hospital, UK. Pocket-sized quick reference, for students, contains the full text of the tutorials appearing on the CD-ROM and provides an explanation of cardiac auscultation with teaching points and summaries. CD allow the user to listen to a recording and eliminate or enhance the different components to help identify the sounds. Softcover.
About the Author
E.M. Brown, Southampton University Hospitals Trust, Southampton, UK; A.P. Salmon, Southampton University Hospitals Trust, Southampton, UK; and W. Collis, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton, UK

Table of Contents
How to use this book
1 Introduction 1
General physical examination 4
Cardiovascular examination 5
Investigations 10
2 Aortic area (upper right sternal edge) 13
Aortic stenosis 14
Venous hum 20
3 Pulmonary area (upper left sternal edge) 25
Atrial septal defect 26
Valvar pulmonary stenosis 31
Innocent pulmonary flow murmur 36
Patent ductus arteriosus 40
Loud P[sub@@@@@@ 2]
4 Mid left sternal edge 47
Aortic regurgitation 48
Subvalvar pulmonary stenosis 52
Pulmonary regurgitation 56
5 Lower left sternal edge 63
Innocent vibratory (Still's) murmur 64
Ventricular septal defect 68
Subaortic stenosis 77
Tricuspid regurgitation 81
6 Apex 83
Mitral regurgitation 84
Mitral valve prolapse 88
Mitral valve stenosis 92
7 The back 99
Coarctation 100
Branch pulmonary artery stenosis 102
Glossary 105

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